Sunday, 20 January 2013

Afro Chic, Vintage...YES, this look is back!

So...this one particular day i was going through my mom's old things and of all the items of clothing i found...........this one was my favourite!

It's classy, sexy, sophisticated and damn...looks good on me >>>giggles<<<

Even if I say so myself...but the hair, the shoes, the vintage suitcase, the pearl bangles and neck piece complement this look!

I love how its an all-in-one  > for those who don't know what that is, it's a jumpsuit kinda thing, the bottom is joined to the top!

There is just one thing about all-in-ones though, that moment you have to go pee and you have to take the entire thing off, hahaha...such a mission, especially if it has a lot of buttons!

I love this one tough, because it has a zipper and when you really have to go, the zipper is your friend!

These pictures take me way back, back to the #Sophiatown Era #Phata-Phata #Dolly Rathebe and The Ink Spots...yes, black people expressed themselves by always taking pride in their appearances and their music...that is when they were FREE! 

You would swear I was around, but NOOOOO! My parents have just always made sure I know these things...their pictures, their music, the movies and documentaries...yes, I AM BLESSED!

I'm so happy that this old, vintage fashion is coming back...this is the stuff we are made of, imagine the first time your parents met and how their parents met and also imagine what they were wearing, their enviroment...maybe it was in one of those underground / backdoor shebeens, biscope (cinema), freedom rally etc...Those were special moments and the fact that we can have a little bit of that brought back by amazing!!!

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