Monday, 21 October 2013


Urban fashion is style born of the street. A ruffian look that emerges from neighborhoods as opposed to fashion dictated by designers. Media and garment associations often merge hip hop and urban fashion partly because they share this same beginning.


The Beginning

  • Urban fashion made a strong impact during the 1980's and into the early 90's.

Fashion Cycle

  • Fashion is usually conceived by designers. Styles then filter downward to the people through channels of marketing and distribution. Through a trickle down effect fashions takes hold. Urban wear originates on the street. First worn by people and then copied by designers who interpret looks redelivering them to the people through marketing and distribution points.

The Appeal

  • The appeal of urban fashion including hip hop style is that it moves in the opposite direction of traditional fashion and often becomes a source of pride to the community or segment of the population who developed the look.


  • You pull off urban fashion well when you reflect the tempo and feel of the moment. The goal is to create a blend of fashion and style that expresses the mood of the day. For inspiration check out the rags on local musicians, regional sport stars and street kids in the trendy districts of your city. It is a movement of individuality not mass acceptance so always strive to be authentic to yourself.

Walk around any urban neighborhood and you can see street fashion in the way people mix and pair fashion in fresh ways not seen anywhere else. Street fashion is always changing, so it cannot be described by particular styles of clothing.